ISU Phil-LiDAR 2 hosts PARMap Field Monitoring Activity

The PARMap team from UP Diliman conducted a monitoring workshop activity at the ISU Phil-LiDAR project site at ISU, Echague, Isabela on January 26–30, 2015. The objectives were to monitor the progress and identify the current extent of mapped areas in the different provinces covered by the project, check the workflows and methodologies currently implemented,  provide technical guidance on software management and support to the project staff. Additional methodologies and RS techniques may be introduced when necessary and discuss new methods implemented.

The ISU Phil-LiDAR 2 with trainers from UPD PARMap for the Phil-LiDAR 2 mentoring at Isabela State University, Echague, Isabela. (photo from ISU Phil-LiDAR 2)

The workshop commenced with Ms. Coleen Carranza of UPD PARMap presenting the purposes of their monitoring visit. ISU SRS Ms. Villasita Policarpio presented updates on the PARMap done by the ISU team where shed showed a monitoring matrix used to systematically monitor the status from pre-processing using LAStools and ArcGIS up to feature classification using ENVI and eCognition.

The UPD team collected information on available datasets, software, hardware of ISU and established ISU team members who will be key contact person for the PARMap component.

Mr. Eric Tanada presented his outputs from Pixel-based classification using the Landsat and the Object Based Classification using LiDAR and Orthophoto datasets.  Ms. Coleen Carranza then presented the different rule sets they performed in eCognition in processing LiDAR data using the ISU LiDAR datasets. They explained each rule set and the results of the processed LiDAR and Landsat data.

(article from ISU Phil-LiDAR 2 with editing from PCIEERD)


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